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WK Lo’s LegCo Express (Sept-Oct 2017)

WK LO's LegCo Express 

Sept-Oct 2017

1. Submission to CE on the Policy Address 2017

The Chief Executive delivered her maiden Policy Address on 11 Oct 2017. I am pleased that the Policy Address had found most of CE’s promised policies– starter homes, transport subsidies, measures to boost innovation and technology and ways to encourage young people to get involved in government affairs, as well as those regarding the Belt and Road Initiative and the development of Hong Kong as a Smart City. I think this Policy Address is pragmatic, focusing development, caring for the communities, and benefitting people’s livelihood.
I also wrote to CE in September. I highlighted key areas including development plan and infrastructure, industrial development, housing and land supply, and environmental protection, and urged the Government to: 
a. improve and implement overall infrastructure planning orderly;
b. construct the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to promote infrastructure and new industries;
c. participate in the construction of "One Belt One Road Initiative" and develop professional service; 
d. promote innovation and technology to develop diversified industries;
e. concern about the livelihood of the people and solve the housing, public transport and other issues;
f. promote green policies to create high quality sustainable living 
Click to view the Policy Address 2017 and my letter to CE (Chinese only)
2. Met the WSD to discuss Action Plan for Enhancing Drinking Water Safety in Hong Kong
On 20 September, together with some other LegCo members, I was invited to join a briefing on Action Plan for Enhancing Drinking Water Safety in Hong Kong arranged by the Water Supplies Department (WSD). Representatives from the WSD briefed members on the main components of the Action Plan at the meeting, including the territory-wide "Drinking Water Standards" and "Enhanced Water Quality Monitoring Programme". Members noted that the WSD would collect water samples annually from premises in Hong Kong, including public rental housing estates. Other components of the Action Plan include strengthening regulatory control for inside service, and developing a set of guidelines and templates for promoting the implementation of a Water Safety Plan for buildings. The WSD announced the Action Plan on 21 September to the public.
3. Met the representatives from E-vehicles industry
On 27 September, I had a meeting with the representatives from the E-vehicles (EVs) industry and listened to their concerns on the reduction of first registration tax (FRT) concessions for EVs. They are concerned that the change will affect local jobs which rely on the industry of EVs, and that the target of emission reduction may be affected adversely. I responded that the EVs industry should not over-rely on the tax exemption as the Government is also under pressure to reduce vehicles on the roads, and that the EVs industry could co-operate with the Government to formulate a green and comprehensive transport policy. 
4. Commencement of the 2017-2018 legislative session
A roasted pig cutting ceremony was hosted at the LegCo on 6 Oct to mark the commencement of the 2017-2018 legislative session. 
5. LegCo Panel on Development visits Ngau Tam Mei Water Treatment Works
Panel on Development visited Ngau Tam Mei Water Treatment Works (WTW) in Yuen Long on 6 Oct to better understand the latest technology of disinfection of drinking water as well as the operation of the on-site chlorine generation facility in the WTW. Members first received a briefing on the disinfection facilities of drinking water in Ngau Tam Mei WTW. Members learnt that the Government launched a pilot project on on-site generation of chlorine in this WTW last year and carried out a trial from March to September this year. Members then visited the chlorine generation plant set up and took the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the operation of the facility and the safety measures on the process. I support the installation of the chlorine generation plant in other WTW. 
6. Best Mid-autumn Festival wishes to district residents 
To enhance the atmosphere of the mid-autumn festival, I showed up in Taipo on 26 September with other members of the Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong to distribute mooncakes and fruits to residents with the wish to bring fun, fortune and happiness to the community. 
7. Joined the New Engergy New Generation Carnival
The New Engergy New Generation Carnival organized by the IVE Engineering Discipline and STEM Education Centre of Vocational Training Council on 7 Oct aims to stimulate the interest of young people in renewable energy, innovation and STEM studies. I was invited to present competition awards to the winning teams and was impressed with the high standard of their design and workmanship. 


立法會盧偉國議員 博士 工程師 (工程界)
Legislative Council Ir Dr Hon Lo Wai Kwok (Functional Constituency - Engineering)