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WK LO's LegCo Express (Sep 2020)

WK Lo’s LegCo Express
September 2020
1. Expressed expectations and recommendations for the Policy Address 2020
On 9 September, together with some other LegCo members, I met the Chief Executive to expressed expectations and recommendations for the Policy Address 2020. Our proposals covered four main areas including anti-epidemic relief measures, boosting the economy, improving people's livelihood and promoting youth development, capturing opportunities of the “dual circulation” and the national 14th Five-year Plan. 
On 25 September, I submitted to the CE my proposals on the Policy Address including the aspects on professional development, sectorial livelihood, infrastructure development and land planning. In order to strengthen the development of the engineering and related professional sectors and to explore opportunities in the Mainland, I propose to set up a special fund for local SMEs and professionals to develop businesses in the Greater Bay Area, and to lower the threshold for Hong Kong construction and engineering companies to operate in the Mainland. I also propose to set up a "Young Professionals Development Fund" to support the young professionals in their endeavor to acquire formal qualifications. Please use this link to get a full copy of my submission.
2. Visited the Mainland nucleic acid test support team
On 10 September, I paid a visit to the Mainland nucleic acid test support team and expressed heartfelt gratitude to the members for their support to Hong Kong. This team involving 570 members from the Mainland has greatly enhanced Hong Kong's testing capability. On 15 September, I visited the Huo-Yan Laboratory. It is a challenging mission to complete nearly 1.8 million nucleic acid tests in a short period of time. 
3. Approval of the third round of the Anti-epidemic Fund
The Finance Committee of the Legislative Council approved the third round of the Anti-epidemic Fund on 28 September. The funding of HK$24 billion is to enhance the capability in combating the epidemic, to provide targeted relief to individuals and businesses affected by the anti-epidemic and social distancing measures, to procure vaccines against the virus, to provide additional subvention to the Hospital Authority to combat the winter surge and the next wave of epidemic, to set up a special support scheme at the University of Hong Kong – Shenzhen Hospital for Hospital Authority’s chronic disease patients who are unable to return to Hong Kong for receiving their scheduled medical, to meet the increase in demand for short-term food assistance, and to extend the Special Scheme of Assistance to the Unemployed under the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme for six months, etc.   

立法會盧偉國議員 博士 工程師 (工程界)
Legislative Council Ir Dr Hon Lo Wai Kwok (Functional Constituency - Engineering)