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WK Lo's LegCo Express (July 2018)

 WK Lo’s LegCo Express
July 2018
1. Moved a motion of “Expediting the promotion of smart city development”
At the LegCo meeting on 5 July, I moved a motion of “Expediting the promotion of smart city development” to urge the Government to proactively allocate resources to perfect various policies and ancillary measures, so as to expedite the promotion of smart city development; the relevant measures include facilitating the research and development and application of innovation and technology, upgrading the technological infrastructure of Hong Kong, promoting the intellectualization of infrastructure and green architecture, facilitating the opening of data by public and private organizations for development and application, setting up a platform for sharing big data, making optimal use of innovation and technology for improvement of people’s daily living, as well as developing a low-carbon green and smart community, with a view to fostering the sustainable development of Hong Kong and facilitating the people in leading a quality life. My motion and other five amendments were passed. You could visit the link below for my speech:
2. Elected Chairman of the Subcommittee on Proposed Resolution under Section 3(1) of the Loans Ordinance (Cap. 61) 
Government Green Bond Programme aims to promote the development of green finance in Hong Kong by encouraging issuers to arrange financing for their green projects through Hong Kong's capital markets. The administration moved a motion at the LegCo meeting of 27 June 2018 seeking LegCo's approval to authorize the Government to borrow from time to time, from any person for the purposes of the Capital Works Reserve Fund with sums not exceeding in total $100 billion, and to require that the sums borrowed be credited to the Fund. A Subcommittee was set up to discuss on the details. I joined the Subcommittee in July and was elected Chairman. 
3. Funding requests of PWSC and FC approved during the 2017-2018 legislative session
During the 2017-2018 legislative session, the PWSC has spent around 80 hours on the meetings and endorsed 47 items of funding requests with a total costs of HK$103.9 billion. Finance Committee has held 54 meetings spanning about 184 hours.  The Committee has deliberated and approved 98 financial proposals involving a total commitment of HK$251.4 billion, a record high since the 2012-2013 session. Among these, the approved proposals of public works projects cost HK$170 billion. 
4. Expressed views to the CE on the Policy Address 2019
Together with other members of the Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong, I met the CE on 12 July to express views on the Policy Address 2019 covering wide array of policy areas including tourism, innovation and technology development, financial services, tax relief, support for SMEs, infrastructure and land development, improvement of education and medical care, etc. There are totally 222 proposals to enhance economic development and people’s livelihood. 
5. Visited Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education
Together with other LegCo members, I visited the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) on 26 June to better understand its services for gifted students. We first received a briefing on HKAGE's educational programmes and services and then we took the opportunity to discuss with HKAGE's Board of Directors and Senior Management Team the challenges in developing gifted education in Hong Kong and its future plan in talent development. We also met with alumni and student representatives to further understand how HKAGE's programmes could help them achieve self-actualization, make the right choice for future development and unleash their talents to contribute to society.  
6. Visited public markets 
On 3 July, with the company of the Secretary for Food and Health, representatives of the Food and Health Bureau and FEHD, as well as other LegCo Members, I visited Shui Wo Street Market and Cooked Food Centre to learn more about the present operating environment of public markets. I was briefed by government representatives on the 10-year Market Modernization Programme and the prevailing arrangements for retrofitting air-conditioning systems in public markets.  During the visit, I took the opportunity to chat with stall tenants of public markets to understand their business and hear their views on how they would like the markets to be improved. 

立法會盧偉國議員 博士 工程師 (工程界)
Legislative Council Ir Dr Hon Lo Wai Kwok (Functional Constituency - Engineering)