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WK Lo's LegCo Express (June 2019)
WK Lo’s LegCo Express
June 2019
1. Summary of funding proposals approved in the PWSC and the FC during the 2018-19 session
During the 2018-19 legislative session, the PWSC has held 29 meetings spanning about 68 hours.  The Committee has deliberated and approved 29 financial proposals involving a total commitment of HK$140.2 billion. The FC has approved a total commitment of HK$68.97 billion till 28 June. 
2. Damage of the LegCo Complex
On 1 July, the LegCo Complex was stormed and extensively damaged. The repair and rebuilding of the LegCo Complex is expected to take a long time.  The remaining LegCo meetings before the summer recess in mid-July cannot be held as scheduled. I am saddened by what happened.  For the best interest of Hong Kong, I hope that all parties could find the way forward rationally.
3. Met the Transport Department with District members
On 10 June, I met the Transport Department with District members to express our concerns on the transport problems. The Department promised to adjust operating hours of some bus routes so as to provide better services for the residents. Further communication would be maintained to seek solutions to other transport issues. 
4. Raised a written question regarding road safety involving crane lorries
On 26 June, I asked the Government a question of the number of traffic accidents caused by cranes of crane lorries not folded properly and the resultant casualties, in each of the past five years. I also asked whether it reviewed and improved, in the past three years, the measures regulating the operation of crane lorries, such as raising the penalties for contravening the work safety requirements; and whether it will discuss the relevant ways to improve the design of crane lorries and the operational guidelines as well as enhance the training for the operators in relation to safe work practices, so as to avoid the occurrence of similar kind of accidents. The Government replied that it will continue to monitor the safety of crane lorries running on roads with a view to examining the need to strengthen regulation. For my question and Government’s reply, please view the following link:
5. Officiated the Energy Saving for All 2019 Campaign
On 5 July, the Environment Bureau (ENB) and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) launched the Energy Saving for All 2019 Campaign to encourage the public to save energy and take action to mitigate climate change. I was invited to officiate at the Campaign ceremony and present the awards to the winning organisations of the Energy Saving Championship Scheme 2018. The Scheme seeks to encourage organisations from different sectors to take the lead to plan for and adopt the application of innovation and technology on energy efficiency and conservation and/or renewable energy technology, offer premises to facilitate field testing, and share their experience.  
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