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WK LO's LegCo Express (Feb 2021)
WK Lo’s LegCo Express
Feb 2021
1. Responses to the Budget 2021-22
The Financial Secretary delivered the Budget 2021-22 on 24 Feb. I am pleased that the Budget had adopted many of the suggestions of mine, in particular those regarding $5000 electronic consumption vouchers, providing subsidy for Real Estate Investment Trusts to list in Hong Kong, subsidising drainage repair works in old buildings, reviving local group tours, etc. 
2. Urged the Government to relax cross border travel with vaccination record 
On 23 Feb, together with some other members from LegCo and the business sector, I urged the Government to allow holders of certifications of negative result of the nucleic acid test on COVID-19 after vaccination to be exempted from compulsory quarantine when they travel from Hong Kong to the mainland. The “Vaccination Pass” can provide incentives for Hong Kong citizens to participate in the vaccination programme, and help restart economic and trade flow between two places. 
3. Raised a question on members of public flocking to countryside amid epidemic
At the council meeting on 3 Feb, I raised a question on members of public flocking to countryside amid epidemic. Due to the number of visitors to the countryside has been increasing incessantly, there are concerns on public health and hygiene problems such as the spread of the epidemic disease and the accumulation of rubbish left by visitors. For my question and Government’s reply, please view the link below: 
4. Funding projects approved in the PWSC and the FC
On 24 Feb, the PWSC approved a funding request of $2.5 billion for site formation and infrastructure works for public housing developments at Tseung Kwan O. The projects together with the others would be forwarded to the FC for final funding approval. 
On 19 Feb, the FC approved an additional funding of $1.5 billion to cover the cost of the works required for the design and construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) Main Bridge. Another allocation of $0.2 billion was approved to enhance the existing facilities of the Public Health Laboratory Centre. 
5. Urged the Government to conduct a comprehensive transportation strategy study
At the CE Q&A session on 5 Feb, I asked CE if the government will speed up implementation of the seven new railway projects in a way that infrastructure drives community development. For my question and Government’s reply, please view the link below: 
6. Visited the M+ Museum construction site in the West Kowloon Cultural District
On 11 Feb, together with CE and Government officials, I visited the construction site of the M+ Museum in the West Kowloon Cultural District to learn more about the anti-epidemic measures implemented by the contractor at the site. The measures include body temperature checks and the presentation of negative virus test results at the entrance, as well as the adoption of social distancing and cleaning and disinfection measures at the canteen and workers’ rest areas. The construction site also takes part in the testing programme rolled out by the Construction Industry Council and the Hong Kong Construction Association, in which a private testing agency has been arranged to provide a specimen collection service for workers at construction sites.  
7. Visited East Rail Line new signalling system and 9-car trains
On 4 Feb, together with some other LegCo members, I visited East Rail Line to understand design features of the new 9-car trains. On 6 Feb, the new signal system and new trains of the East Rail Line of the MTR Corporation were put into operation. 
8. Visited the Ocean Park 
Together with other members of the Panel on Economic Development, I visited the Ocean Park on 20 Feb to better understand the proposed way forward of the Park. We visited the existing facilities of the lower park area and upper park area including Aqua City Lagoon and Ocean Park Tower. We were briefed on the proposed way forward of the Park as well as the financial arrangements. The group also visited the Water World, which will open this summer, to learn about its features. 
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