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WK LO's LegCo Express (June 2023)

WK LO's LegCo Express

June 2023


1. Urged the Government to face up to the labour shortage problem

The problem of labour shortage in Hong Kong is becoming increasingly acute, not only slowing down economic recovery but also affecting people's livelihood. On 8 June, together with some other LegCo members, I held a press conference to urge the Government to face up to the labour shortage problem and to stabilize manpower supply. We invited representatives of several business sectors to share their experiences of operating under the labour shortage and to put forward four major recommendations on human resources policies to the SAR Government.
2. Introduction of labour importation schemes for construction and transport sectors
On 13 June, the Government introduced sector-specific labour importation schemes for the construction and transport sectors to alleviate the manpower shortage problem in Hong Kong. The total quota for the two sector-specific labour importation schemes is 20000, comprising 12000 for the construction sector and 8000 for the transport sector, of which 6300 are for the aviation industry and 1700 for the public light bus/coach trade. I welcome the scheme and believe it responds to the pressing needs of the industry and enhances sustainable economic development.
3. Released a proposal on "Improving Manpower Resources in the Tourism Industry"
The Government announced a special scheme on 13 June to import foreign workers for the tourism-related airline and passenger transport industries. On the other hand, hotel room attendants and travel agency operators are also in urgent need of labour replenishment. On 16 June, together with some other LegCo members, I put forward five major recommendations on manpower planning for the tourism industry, including the introduction of a special labour importation scheme for the tourism industry to help travel agencies, hotels and other related industries to address the manpower shortage problem, so as to rebuild the hospitality capacity of the tourism industry.
4. Conducted a study on "Building a Bay Area for basic necessities of life"
A study of "Building a Bay Area for basic necessities of life" was conducted by the Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong (BPAHK). Together with the members of BPAHK, I held a press conference on 23 June and put forward 15 proposals on deepening seamless connectivity between Hong Kong and other Bay Area cities in four major areas, including healthcare, food and consumption, housing and home ownership, and transportation. It is hoped that by breaking through the boundaries between cities, regional integration can be fostered and economic and livelihood development of the region can be promoted to meet the needs of Hong Kong residents.
5. Funding projects approved at the FC and PWSC meetings
At the PWSC meeting on 7 June, the funding projects of expansion of North District Hospital (HK$32.5 billion), Lai King Building in Princess Margaret Hospital (HK$5.5 billion), and redevelopment of Kwong Wah Hospital, phase 2 (HK$8.9 billion) were approved to enhance service capacity. The projects were also approved at the FC meeting on 30 June. At the FC meeting on 23 June, the funding projects of relocation of Public Works Central Laboratory to caverns of HK$2.15 billion and building of the Government Records Service’s Archives Centre in caverns of HK$2.77 billion were approved respectively.
6. Raised a question regarding sector-specific labour importation schemes
At the LegCo meeting on 28 June, I asked the Government if it has a timetable for introducing sector-specific labour importation schemes for other sectors with acute manpower shortages;  given that the Government has indicated that the scheme for the construction sector should primarily apply to public sector construction works, and private sector construction works with special circumstances will also be considered, whether the Government has formulated a clear definition or guidelines for "special circumstances"; whether the Government will step up publicity and promotion outside Hong Kong; and whether it will launch a one-stop online platform to enable job seekers to keep abreast of the latest recruitment information and application procedures? Please view my question and the Government’s reply via the following link:
7. Joined the organ donation campaign at the LegCo
With the advancement in medical skills and technology, patients in need may now find a second chance at life through organ transplantation, lighting up hope for patients and their family members. On 7 June, the Department of Health set up a booth at the LegCo and encourage the public to register their wish to donate organs. I participated in the activity and hope more people will understand the importance of voluntary organ donation.




立法會盧偉國議員 博士 工程師 (工程界)
Legislative Council Ir Dr Hon Lo Wai Kwok (Functional Constituency - Engineering)