Working Reports

WK Los LegCo Express (Apr 2024)

W K LO's LegCo Express

April 2024


1. My questions regarding Budget 2024-25

I have raised over 40 questions to the Government regarding the Budget 2024-25, which covered policy areas on housing, environment, planning and lands, commerce, public works, innovation and technology and transportation. To view my questions and replies from the Government, please use the following link:

2. Support for Microelectronics Research and Development

At the special Finance Committee meeting on 19 April, I raised a follow-up question regarding microelectronics R&D. The Innovation and Technology Commission will take forward the establishment of the Hong Kong Microelectronics Research and Development Institute to lead and promote the third-generation semiconductor core technology in Hong Kong. In this connection, I asked the Government about the resources and manpower expected to be deployed at the initial stage; and whether the Government will draw up any plans and seek co-operation with the relevant Mainland authorities, including expediting the realisation of research and development outcomes by making use of the comprehensive manufacturing industry chain in the Greater Bay Area.

3. Re-use arrangement of the MiC units of Light Public Housing (LPH)

The government will implement the LPH projects and complete the construction of about 30,000 LPH units by 2027-28. The Government indicates that the units will be constructed using the Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) approach, under which the MiC modules can be re-used. At the special Finance Committee meeting on 18 April, I asked the Government about the percentage of units that will be re-usable in future; and whether there is any comprehensive plan on the re-use arrangement. The Government replied that the reusability of MiC modules can reach 95%, subject to the design of future projects. I suggested the modules can be re-used in future public housing projects.

4. Implementation of the railway projects under the Railway Development Strategy 2014

At the special Finance Committee meeting on 18 April, I asked the Government about the progress of the railway projects under the Railway Development Strategy 2014 in the past 2 years; and whether the Administration will seriously review and learn from past experience of the delay in taking forward the proposed railway projects, and expedite the completion of the relevant planning and studies of the proposed projects through redeployment of resources, as well as setting milestones and specific implementation timetables so as to provide services for the population in the new development areas. With a sudden influx of new projects, an astonishing amount of work will be done over the next several years. I asked how the authorities are discussing with the industry in this regard to devise a plan that is both feasible and avoids the "dying of starvation at one time and dying of overwork at another time" situation.

5. Municipal Solid Waste Charging

At the special Finance Committee meeting on 17 April, I had a follow-up question regarding the recycling measures and policies for different types of materials. I pointed out that the current support in various aspects is indeed insufficient. The original intention of municipal solid waste charging is not about money but about the effort to do better in sorting and recycling. I asked the Government whether it has a clear roadmap and timeline in this regard.

6. Funding projects approved at the FC and PWSC meetings

At the PWSC meeting on 10 April, members approved a total allocation of HK$29.18 billion for the construction of Hung Shui Kiu/Ha Tsuen New Development Area. These projects, along with the others, would be submitted to the FC for final funding approval. At the FC meeting on 26 April, members approved a funding project of HK$3.25 billion for the construction of a joint-user complex with market in Area 67, Tseung Kwan O.

立法會盧偉國議員 博士 工程師 (工程界)
Legislative Council Ir Dr Hon Lo Wai Kwok (Functional Constituency - Engineering)