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WK Los LegCo Express (Jan 2024)

WK LO's LegCo Express 

Jan 2024


1. Elected Chairman of the Panel on Development

In the new legislative year in 2024, I was elected Chairman of the Panel on Development. This year, I joined 5 panels, two subcommittees under the Finance Committee (FC) and a few other subcommittees as well.

2. Moved an amendment to the motion “Proactively responding to national development strategies by following up on the development of the Northern Metropolis”

At the LegCo meeting on 10 Jan, I moved an amendment to the motion “Proactively responding to national development strategies by following up on the development of the Northern Metropolis”. I urged the Government to proactively respond to national development strategies by leveraging the advantages of ‘one country, two systems’, the Northern Metropolis’ having seven land boundary control points and so on to accelerate the formulation of detailed development proposals for the area, put in place clear financial arrangements as soon as possible, and enhance the interdepartmental coordination and execution capabilities, to build the area into a new international I&T city as scheduled, promote home job balance, and develop a prosperous metropolitan area ideal for living, working and travelling, thereby creating a strong impetus for Hong Kong’s growth. My amendment together with the original motion was passed at the LegCo meeting. 

3. Submitted the proposal for the 2024-2025 Budget to the Financial Secretary

Together with some other LegCo members, I submitted a proposal for the 2024-25 Budget to the Financial Secretary on 11 Jan. The proposal covers a total of 125 policy suggestions in thirteen areas including reviving the stock and property markets, developing international e-commerce to rebuild confidence in the economy, reviewing various manpower programmes to more accurately and practically boost the economy of Hong Kong, and effectively controlling the fiscal deficit. I urged the Government to adopt practical and effective solutions to solve the current problems.

4. LegCo Panel on Development examines planning and development of the New Territories Northwest

On 9 Jan, the LegCo Panel on Development visited New Territories Northwest to learn about the planning and latest development of the San Tin Technopole and the Kwu Tung North (KTN) New Development Area (NDA) that are located within the Northern Metropolis (NM). Members first visited Lok Ma Chau Police Station to overlook the development on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen sides and of the San Tin Technopole. Members then visited the site office of KTN NDA. We received a briefing by the Administration on KTN NDA project and understood how the concept of co-existence of development and conservation applies in Long Valley Nature Park. Population intake of the first batch of private housing development in KTN NDA started from the end of 2022 while the bulk of population intake of public housing development is expected in 2026.

5. Joined the Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) (Amendment) Bill 2023

The administration proposes to lower the compulsory sale application thresholds and streamline the legal procedures. The Bill is introduced to implement the proposed measures to expedite the redevelopment of old and dilapidated buildings by the private sector.  As the Bill seeks to reform the compulsory land sale regime, a Bills Committee was formed to study the Bill in detail. I joined the Bills Committee in Jan 2024. 

6. Joined the Building Management (Amendment) Bill 2023

The Bill seeks to amend the Building Management Ordinance (Cap. 344). Cap. 344 contains the legal framework to facilitate owners of flats in buildings to form owners’ corporations (OCs) and manage their buildings. There are public concerns about how decisions on major building maintenance are made by OCs and there has been a strong call for better control over how the management committees handle the day-to-day management of buildings. The Bill is therefore introduced into LegCo to amend Cap. 344 to require the engagement of more owners in procurement decisions, improving transparency and accountability of their operation, and enhancing deterrence against non-compliance with Cap. 344. I joined the Bills Committee in Jan 2024. 

7. Finished scrutiny of Inland Revenue (Amendment) (Aircraft Leasing Tax Concessions) Bill 2023

The Bill seeks to amend the Inland Revenue Ordinance to enhance the existing tax concessions regime regarding the leasing of aircraft; and to make related amendments. I support the Administration’s proposal to give effect to relevant enhancements to the Regime through the Bill, thereby attracting aircraft leasing companies of various sizes to Hong Kong for development while creating more local employment opportunities, training talents in the relevant industries and boosting overseas investment volume. The Bills Committee finished scrutiny of the Bill in Jan 2024. 


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