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WK Los LegCo Express (Feb 2024)

WK LO's LegCo Express 

    Feb 2024   


1. Amendment to the motion on “Reviewing the works approval process and aligning construction standards, and leveraging innovative technologies to reduce construction costs and time”

I moved an amendment to the motion on “Reviewing the works approval process and aligning construction standards, and leveraging innovative technologies to reduce construction costs and time” on 12 Feb. As the SAR Government would strive to implement the strategy of ‘bringing forward infrastructure construction and increasing development capacity’ to drive the sustainable development of Hong Kong, I urged the Government to comprehensively review, enhance and amend the Buildings Ordinance and the relevant ordinances; to consider streamlining the works approval process as well as stipulate and align construction standards, so as to reduce the time and costs for vetting and approval; to set up a dedicated department or expand the coordinating function of the Development Projects Facilitation Office, so as to follow up and coordinate different types of projects; to authorize recognized professionals other than those in government departments to independently conduct professional certification in lieu of administrative approval on more works procedures;  to set time limits or performance pledges, etc. for vetting and approving applications; to introduce innovative construction technologies, techniques and materials and encouraging the industry to widely adopt them; and to actively develop e-Government services, so that relevant documents for works approval can be submitted electronically, thus further promoting digitalization of the approval process for the construction and engineering sectors. My amendment together with the original motion was passed at the LegCo. 


2. Responses on the Budget 2024-25

The Financial Secretary delivered a new budget on 28 February, adopting more than 60 proposals previously put forward by the Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong. Among them, the proposal of "removing all the spicy measures" from Hong Kong's property market immediately was first put forward by us many years ago. We welcome the government's measures to scrap them amid falling property prices. 

In respect of innovation and technology, I welcome the Budget's adoption of our proposal of spending $6 billion to provide subsidies for local universities to collaborate with Mainland and overseas organisations to set up life and health technology research institutes. I urge the authorities to expeditiously set up an artificial intelligence research focus base of the Greater Bay Area to attract Mainland and overseas technology enterprises and research institutes to move in by offering tax and rental concessions. I am also pleased to see that the Government has responded to our proposal of launching $20 billion worth of green and infrastructure bonds. I request the Government to comprehensively review the vetting and approval process, make good use of innovative technologies to reduce costs and compress the project time, and proactively assist the industry in enhancing its competitiveness. 

3. Funding projects approved at the FC and PWSC meetings

At the PWSC meeting on 21 Feb, members approved a total allocation of $41,284.3 million for 2024-25 for the block allocations under the Capital Works Reserve Fund. At the PWSC meeting on 27 Feb, members approved a funding project of HK$7.164 billion for the construction of Trunk Road T4 in Sha Tin. At the same meeting, another funding project was also approved to increase the project estimate of 173DR by $130.7 million from $2,453.0 million to $2,583.7 million for the design and construction of Organic Resources Recovery Centre Phase 2 (O·PARK2). These projects, along with the others, would be submitted to the FC for final funding approval. 

At the FC meeting on 23 Feb, members approved the funding proposal of HK$9.837 billion for the implementation of Light Public Housing. It is expected to complete the construction of about 30,000 LPH units before 2027-28.

4. Joined the Subcommittee to Study Matters Relating to Basic Law Article 23 Legislation

A new “Safeguarding National Security Ordinance” will be introduced to comprehensively address the national security risks at present and those that may emerge in the future in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and to fully implement the constitutional duties and obligations as stipulated under Article 23 of the Basic Law, the Decision of the National People’s Congress on Establishing and Improving the Legal System and Enforcement Mechanisms for the HKSAR to Safeguard National Security (“the 5.28 Decision”) and the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“HKNSL”). I joined the Subcommittee to study matters relating to Basic Law Article 23 legislation which was set up in Feb. 

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